About Us

We are a fast growing privately held, privately funded US corporation.

Our staff are pioneering powerful, innovative twenty first century data solutions, for global market.

Through partnerships with local companies, as well as with companies around the world, we are working to publicize businesses and their products to all the people who might want to buy from them.


InvestorsSite is a financial resource that helps to enable quick navigation through the complex world of SEC Filings and relevant filing information that is refreshed daily and delivered straight to your desktop or mobile device.

The exciting real time features offered on Investment Research Site include:

  • Search for companies that interest you by The business name or Ticker
  • Customized comparisons of groups of companies Key Financial Statistics
  • Access to over 7 million SEC filings at your fingertips
  • Credible research data to help with potential investment opportunities
  • Receive real time email alerts sent directly to your inbox to keep you up to date on important shifts in financial information